DOT Numbers from TN is the most comprehensive up-to-date database of all known USDOT numbers. This page contains all freight carriers and commercial limo services that are registered in TN

Below you will find a field to search for a particular DOT number, as well as a list of the most popular dot numbers from TN. To find additional information on a number or company, simply click on the respective DOT number or company name

Cities with registered DOT numbers in TN

Franklin, Murfreesboro , Nashille, 00ltewah, 1214 Melvin Dr, 7, Adams, Adamsville, Adansville, Admore, Afton, Ahtens, Alamo, Alcoa, Alexandria, Algood, Allardt, Allens, Allons, Almo, Alpine, Altamont, Altamout, Andersonville, Anoxville, Anticoh, Antioch, Antioch Tn, Antoich, Apison, Ardmord, Ardmore, Arlington, Arlington Tn, Armathwaite, Arrington, Arthor, Arthur, Ashland, Ashland City, Athens, Athens Tn, Atkoa, Atoka, Atwood, Auborntown, Auburntow, Auburntown, Bakewell, Bandridge, Baneberry, Barlett, Bartlett, Bath Spring, Bath Springs, Bathsprings, Baxter, Bean Station, Beech Bluff, Beech Grove, Beechgrove, Beersheaba Springs, Beersheba, Beersheba Springs, Beershebasprings, Belfast, Bell, Bell Buckle, Bellbuckle, Bellevue, Bells, Belvidere, Benton, Bethel Spgs, Bethel Springs, Bethel Springs Cox Road, Bethell Spgs, Bethpage, Bethpaige, Big Rock, Big Rolk , Big Sandy, Birchwood, Bistol, Blaine, Blmngton Spgs, Bloomington Spgs, Bloomington Spring, Bloomington Springs, Blountsville, Blountvile, Blountville, Bluf City, Bluff, Bluff City, Bluffcity, Bluntville, Blupp City, Bogota, Bolivar, Boliver, Bolivor, Bon Agua, Bon Aqua, Bonaqua, Bone Cave, Bountville, Braden, Bradford, Bradyville, Brentwood, Briceville, Brighton, Brileyton, Bristol, Brownsivlle, Brownsville, Browsville, Bruceton, Brunswick, Brush Creek, Brushcreek, Buchana, Buchanan, Buchanan Tn, Buchnnan, Buena Vista, Buffalo City, Buffalo Valley, Bull Gap, Bulls, Bulls Gap, Bullsgap, Bumpus Mills, Burlison, Burn, Burns, Butler, Bybee, Byrdstown, Calhoun, Camden, Camdon, Campaign, Campbell, Canden, Cane Ridge, Cardoua, Cardova, Carhtage, Carroll, Carryville, Cartage, Carthage, Caryville, Castalian Spring, Castalian Springs, Castalin Spgs, Castalina Springs, Castalion Springs, Castalzan Spr, Cedar Hill, Cedar Grove, Cedar Hill, Celeveland, Celina, Celleoka, Cellico Plains, Centerviille, Centerville, Chairfield, Chapel Hill, Chapmansboro, Charleston, Charlotte, Charlseston, Charranooga, Chatanooga, Chatt, Chattahooga, Chattangooga, Chattannoga, Chattannooga, Chattanoga, Chattanogga, Chattanooa, Chattanoof, Chattanoofa, Chattanooga, Chattanoogat, Chattaonnga, Chattnooga, Chattonooga, Chestnut Mnd, Chestnut Mound, Chixson, Christiana, Christina, Chuckey, Chucky, Churc Hill, Church Hill, Churchill, Claiborne, Clairfield, Clarkerange, Clarkesville, Clarkrange, Clarks, Clarksburg, Clarksviille, Clarksville, Clarksvillett, Clarkville, Clarskville, Clenton, Clevand, Cleveland, Clifton, Clinton, Clrksville, Cmbrlnd Frnce, Coalfield, Coalmont, Coby, Codova, Codrova, Coedova, Coker Creek, Cokeville, Colhoun, Collegdale, College Grove, Collegedale, Collerville, Collge Grove, Collierfille, Collierviile, Collierville, Collinwood, Collinwood Trail, Colonial Heights, Colu7mbia, Columbai, Columbia, Columbia Tn, Columbus, Colunbia, Como, Conasauga, Concord, Connersville, Cookesville, Cookevilee, Cookevill3, Cookeville, Cookevillle, Cookville, Copper Hill, Copperhill, Cordoba, Cordora, Cordoua, Cordova, Cordovia, Cordva, Corersville, Cornersville, Corova, Corryton, Corvdova, Cosby, Cottage Grove, Cottontown, Counce, Covdora, Covington, Cowan, Crab Orchard, Crawford, Crestline, Crockett Mills, Cross, Cross Plains, Crossplains, Crossville, Crump, Culleoka, Culleuka, Cumb Gap, Cumberland, Cumberland Gap, Cumberland City, Cumberland Fur, Cumberland Furance, Cumberland Furnace, Cumberland Furnance, Cumberland Furnice, Cumberland Gap, Cumberlnd Cty, Cunningham, Cypress Hill, Cypress Inn, Cyress Inn, Daisy, Dandridge, Dandridgejefferson City, Dandrige, Danglo, Danridge, Darden, Daren, Davidson, Dayton, Decard, Decatarville, Decatorville, Decatur, Decature, Decatureville, Decaturville, Dechard, Decherd, Deckerd, Deer Lodge, Deerlodge, Del Rio, Delah0, Delano, Dell Rose, Dellrose, Delrose, Denmark, Denver, Devonia, Dickson, Dixon Spring, Dixon Springs, Doltewah, Donelson, Dover, Dovet, Dowelltown, Doweltown, Doyle, Dresden, Drummonds, Druumonds, Duck River, Ducktown, Duff, Dukedom, Dunland, Dunlap, Dunlap Tn, Dunn, Dyensburg, Dyer, Dyersberg, Dyersburg, Dyersburt, Dyresburg, Eads, Eagan, Eagleville, East Ridge, Eastridge, Edward Palmer, Eidson, Eklton, Eldra , Elendale, Elgin, Elizabethon, Elizabethton, Elizabethtotn, Elizabethtown, Elk Valley, Elkton, Ellendale, Elmwood, Elora, Englewood, Enville, Epperson Springs Rd, Erie, Erin, Erwin, Estill Sp, Estill Spgs, Estill Springs, Estille Springs, Etheridge, Ethowah, Ethridge, Etowah, Eva, Evansville, Evensville, Ewin, Ewing Lane, Ewrin, Fairfield Glade, Fairview, Fairviw, Fall Branch, Farner, Farragut, Fay, Fayeteinlle, Fayeteville, Fayetteville, Fayettville, Fayetville, Finger, Finley, Five Points, Fivepoints, Flag Pond, Flagpond, Flat Rock Ala, Flintville, Flntville, Fords, Frankewing, Frankin, Frankliin, Franklin, Franklinl, Franklint, Fredonia, Friendship, Friendsville, Frienship, Friensville, Fulton, Gadsden, Gainesboro, Gainsboro, Gainsboror, Gainsborough, Galatin, Gallatin, Gallation, Gallaway, Gallitin, Gates, Gatlinburg, Gatlingburg, Georgetown, Georgtown, Germantown, Gibson, Ginesboro, Gladeville, Gleason, Godlettsville, Godsden, Good Springs, Goodletsville, Goodlettesville, Goodlettsville, Goodlettsville Tn, Goodlettsvlle, Goodspring, Goodsprings, Gordonsville, Gordonville, Grand Jct, Grand Junction, Grandview, Granville, Gray, Graysville, Greeenville, Green Brier, Greenback, Greenbriar, Greenbrier, Greeneville, Greenfield, Greenflied, Greensville, Greenville, Grenville, Grimsley, Gruelti-laager, Gruetli Laager, Gruetli Laagr, Gruetli-laager, Guild, Guy's, Guys, Hall, Halls, Hamilton, Hampshire, Hampton, Handersonville, Harriman, Harriogate, Harrison, Harrogate, Harstville, Hartford, Hartsville, Hckman, Heiskell, Helenwood, Hellenwood, Hemitage, Henderson, Hendersonvill, Hendersonville, Hendersonvillw, Hendersonvlle, Henersonville, Henery, Henning, Henry, Herdersonville, Hermanitage, Hermigage, Hermitage, Hermitrage, Hickman, Hickmon, Hickory Hill, Hickory Valley, Hickory Vly, Hieskell, Hilham, Hillsboro, Hixon, Hixson, Hixton, Hohenwald, Holladay, Hollow Rock, Hollowrock, Hornbeak, Hornsby, Houdon, Houston, Howenwald, Humboldt, Humbolt, Humoldt, Huntindon, Huntingdon, Huntington, Huntland, Huntsville, Huron, Hurricane Mills, Hurricne Mlls, Hurtland, Ild Hickory, Indian Mound, Iron, Iron City, Ironcity, Jack Creek, Jacks Creek, Jacksboro, Jackson, Jacksonboro, Jamestown, Jamestown Tn, Jamestwon, Jasper, Jefferson, Jefferson City, Jefferson Cty, Jellico, Joelton, Joetton, Johmson City, Johnson, Johnson City, Johnson City, Joleton, Jonesborgh, Jonesboro, Jonesborogh, Jonesborough, Jonesbough, Jonesbourgh, Jonesbrough, Jonhson City, Karns, Kelso, Kenton, Kimball, Kimberlin Hgt, Kingfort, Kingpsort, Kingsport, Kingston, Kingston Spgs, Kingston Spring, Kingston Springs, Kingston Springs,, Kinsport, Kinston Springs, Klawrenceburg, Knox, Knoxille, Knoxsville, Knoxvile, Knoxville, Knoxville T, Knoxville Tn, Knoxvillw, Knoxvlle, Kodak, Kpt, Kyles Ford, La Follette, La Grange, La Vargne, La Vergene, La Vergne, La Vergue, La Vernge, Laager, Lacassas, Lafayette, Lafeyette, Lafolette, Lafollete, Lafollette, Lafyette, Lake City, Lakeland, Lakesite, Lakewood, Lancaster, Lancing, Lansing, Lasacassas, Lascassa, Lascassas, Lascassus, Lasscassas, Laurel Blmry, Laurel Bloomery, Lavergn, Lavergna, Lavergne , Lavergner, Lavergue, Laverne, Lavernge, Lavinia, Lawrebceburg, Lawrence, Lawrenceberg, Lawrencebrg, Lawrenceburg, Lawrneceburg, Layafette, Layayette, Leach, Lebabon, Lebanon, Lenior, Lenior City, Lennox, Lenoir, Lenoir City, Lenoir City, Lenoir Ctiy, Lenox, Leoma, Leona, Levergne, Lewisburg, Lewisbury, Lexingoton, Lexington, Liberty, Limestone, Limstone, Linden, Linginston, Linville, Livingson, Livingston, Livington, Livinston, Lobelville, Lobeville, Lockout Mtn, Lofollette, London, Lookout Mountain, Lookout Mtn, Lookoutmtn, Loratto, Loretta, Loretto, Lorreto, Loudon, Louisville, Loundon, Lousville, Lower Brush Creek, Lowland, Lupton City, Luray, Luretto, Luttrell, Lutts, Lweisburg, Lyles, Lynchburg, Lynchburgh, Lynnville, Lynville, Macheste, Macon, Madinson, Madison, Madisonville, Maisonville, Manchester, Mansfield, Maon, Marfresboro, Martin, Marysville, Maryville, Mascot, Mascott, Mason, Matyville, Maury City, Maynardville, Maynordville, Mc Donald, Mc Ewen, Mc Kenzie, Mc Minnville, Mcd, Mcdonald, Mcewen, Mcillwain Rd, Mckenzie, Mclemoresville, Mcminnille, Mcminnvile, Mcminnville, Mcminnvillle, Mcminnvlle, Mcminville, Mcninnville, Meddleton, Median, Medina, Medon, Meemphis, Meephis, Mem , Memhis, Memohis, Memphi, Memphid, Memphis, Memphist, Memphs, Mempis, Mendon, Menphis, Menthis, Mephis, Mercer, Mexia, Michie, Middeton, Middleton, Midway, Milan, Milledgeville, Millersville, Milligan College, Millilngton, Millington, Milton, Minor Hill, Mitchellville, Mohawk, Monroe, Monteagle, Monterey, Montery, Mooresburg, Mooresburo, Moorestown, Morgantown, Moristown, Morris Chapel, Morrison, Morrisrown, Morristown, Moscoe, Moscow, Mosheim, Moss, Mount Juliet, Mount Carmel, Mount Juilet, Mount Juliet, Mount Pleasant, Mountain, Mountain City, Mountian City, Mphs, Mt Pleasant, Mt Carmel, Mt Juliet, Mt Juliet It, Mt Juliett, Mt Pleasant, Mt Carmel, Mt City, Mt Juilet, Mt Julet, Mt Juliet, Mt Juliete, Mt Julliet, Mt Pleasant, Mt Pleasnt, Mt. Juliet, Mt. Pleasant, Mt.juliet, Mtn City, Mtn City, Mufreesboro, Mulberry, Mumford, Munford, Murfeesboro, Murfreeboro, Murfreesbjoro, Murfreesboro, Murfreesboro Rd, Murfreesborot, Murfreesboto, Murfreesburg, Murfresboro, Murfressboro, Murfrgesbord, Murfrreesboro, Murgreesboro, Murray, Mursfreesboro, Myers, Nash, Nashille, Nashviille, Nashvile, Nashville, Nashville Tn, Nashvillelle, Nashvillr, Nasville, Nedon, New Tazewell, New Hope, New Johnsonville, New Johnsville, New Johsonvle, New Market, New Port, New Taswal, New Tazewell, New Tazewll, New Tazwell, Newbern, Newborn, Newcomb, Newport, Niota, Noita, Nolansville, Nolensville, Nolenville, Norma, Normandy, Norris, North Minnville, Nunnelly, Nunnely, Oak Dale, Oak Ridge, Oak Ridge City, Oak Ridge Place, Oakdale, Oakfield, Oakland, Oakridge, Obion, Ocoee, Old Fort, Old Hickory, Old Hickroy, Oldfort, Olive Hill, Olivehill, Oliver Spgs, Oliver Springs, Oneida, Onieda, Only, Ooletewah, Ooletwah, Ooltewa, Ooltewah, Ooltewzh, Ooltwah, Ootlewah, Orlinda, Otrade, Ownsend, P0rtland, P;ortland, Pall Mall, Pallmall, Palmer, Palmersville, Palmyra, Paris, Parrishville, Parrotsville, Parrottsville, Parson, Parsons, Peetrsburg, Pegram, Pelham, Perryville, Peterburg, Petersburg, Petersbuurg, Petros, Philadelaphia, Philadelphia, Phillipy, Pickwick Dam, Picwick Dam, Pidgeon Forge, Pigegon Forge, Pigeon Force, Pigeon Forge, Pikeville, Pikewille, Pinex Flats, Piney Flat, Piney Flats, Pinson, Pioneer, Piperton, Pleasant Hill, Pleasant Shade, Pleasant Shde, Pleasant Veiw, Pleasant View, Pleasantview, Pleasantville, Pleasent View, Pleasentville, Pocahontas, Portland, Powder Spgs, Powder Springs, Powell, Prezevant, Primm Springs, Prospect, Pulaski, Pulaskie, Puryear, Quebeck, Ralmyra, Rame, Ramer, Readyville, Reagan, Reagatn, Red Back, Red Bank, Red Blng Spgs, Red Boiling Spgs, Red Boiling Sprg, Red Boiling Spring, Red Boiling Springs, Red Boiling Springs Road, Red Boling Sprg, Red Bowling Springs, Redbank, Regan, Reliance, Riceville, Rickman, Riddleton, Ridgely, Ridgetop, Ridgley, Ripley, Riverside Community, Rives, Roan Mounatin, Roan Mountain, Roan Mtn, Roane Mtn , Robbins, Rock Island, Rockford, Rockvale, Rockville, Rockwood, Rocky Top, Rockytop, Rodgersville, Rogersville, Roner, Rosemark, Rossville, Russelliville, Russellville, Russelville, Rutherford, Ruthford, Rutledge, S Fulton, S Fulton, S Nashville, S Pittsburg, Saint Joseph, Sale Creek, Salecreek, Saltillo, Samburg, San P Sula Honduras, Santa Fe, Saradis, Sardis, Sauksbury, Saulsbury, Savanah, Savannah, Savnnah, Scott Hills, Scotts Hill, Scottshill, Selmer, Sequatchie, Seveirville, Severville, Sevierville, Sewanee, Sewaree, Seymour, Seyour, Shady Valley, Shaprs Chapel, Sharon, Sharp Chapel, Sharps Chapel, Sharps Chaple, Shatanooga, Shawanee, Shelbyville, Shellbyville, Sherwood, Shiloh, Signal Mountain, Signal Mtn, Silver Point, Slayden, Smartt, Smithvile, Smithville, Smithville Tn, Smryna, Smyna, Smyra, Smyrna, Snedville, Sneediville, Sneedville, So Fulton, So Pittsburg, Soddie Daisy, Soddy Daisey, Soddy Daisy, Soddy- Daisy, Soddy-daisy, Somersville, Somerville, South Carthage, South Cordoua , South Fulton, South Oittsburg, South Pittsburg, South Pittsburgh, Southside, Sparta, Specer, Speedwell, Spencer, Spring City, Spring Hill, Spring Hills, Springfeild, Springfiel, Springfield, Springfiled, Springhill, Springlield, Springville, Spting Hill, St Joseph, St Elmo, St Joseph, St Joseph Rd, St Petersburg, Stantenville, Stanton, Stantonville, Statonville, Stawplains, Stewart, Straw Plains, Straw Plns, Strawberry Plains, Strawberry Plaine, Strawberry Plaines, Strawberry Plains, Strawplains, Strwaberry Plains, Suff, Sugar Tree, Sugartree, Suite 103, Summerland, Summertown, Summitville, Sunbright, Surgionsville, Surgoinsville, Surgonsville, Sweeetwater, Sweet Water, Sweetwater, Symrna, Syrmna, Taft, Talbot, Talbott, Talbotte, Tallassee, Tate Springs, Tazewell, Tazwell, Telford, Tellico, Tellico Plains, Tellico Plns, Ten Mile, Tenn Ridge, Tennessee Ridge, Tennga, Thomas Station, Thompons Station, Thompson Station, Thompson's Station, Thompsons Station, Thompsons Stn, Thorn Hill, Three Way, Tigrett, Tipton, Tiptonville, Tn Ridge, Toone, Townsend, Tracy, Tracy City, Trade, Treadway , Trenton, Trezevant, Trimble, Tro, Troy, Tullahoma, Turtletown, Tyner, Unicoi, Union, Union City, Unionville, Vanleer, Vanore, Viola, Vonore, W Middleton , Walland, Walling, Wartburg, Wartrace, Wartsburg, Washburn, Watagua, Watauga, Watertonw, Watertown, Waverly, Waynesboro, West Camden, West Moreland, West Point, Westmoreland, Westmorland, Westpoint, Westport, White Bluff, White Creek, White Fluff, White House, White Pine, Whitebluff, Whiteburg, Whitehouse, Whites Creek, Whitesburg, Whiteside, Whiteville, Whitewell, Whitleyville, Whitteyville, Whitwell, Whtwell, Widersville, Wiinfield, Wilder, Wildersville, Williamsport, Williston, Willston, Winchester, Windchester, Winfield, Winield, Winsfield, Withwell, Woodburg, Woodburt, Woodbury, Woodland Mills, Woodlawn, Wynnburg, Yes, Yorkville, Youngstown, Yuma,

Popular DOT numbers located in TN
DOT Number Company Name
2838027A&T FARMS LLC
2435063PERRY FARMS14-

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