DOT Numbers from WA is the most comprehensive up-to-date database of all known USDOT numbers. This page contains all freight carriers and commercial limo services that are registered in WA

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Cities with registered DOT numbers in WA

Auburn , Camas, Seattle, Vancouver, 033, 1401 108th St S, 165 Kosmos Rd W, 18519 Ne 201 Court, 214 Wilders Lane, 21524 W Lost Lake Rd, 22318 Ne 169th St, 2908 Wiggins Rd Se, 3213, 4411 155th St Nw, 4960 Harnden Rd, Aberdeen, Aberedeen, Acme, Addy, Airway Heghts, Airway Heights, Airway Hgts, Airway Hts, Albion, Algona, Allyn, Almira, Amanda Park, Amboy, Anacortes, Anatone, Anderson Is, Anderson Island, Appleton, Ardenvoir, Ariel, Arilington, Arliington, Arlington, Arlington Hts, Arlington Wa, Arlintgon, Arlinton, Ashford, Asotin, Aubirn, Auborn, Aubrun, Aubum, Auburn, Aurburn, Auurn, B' Ham, Bainbridge, Bainbridge Is, Bainbridge Isl, Bainbridge Island, Baring, Basin City, Battle Gound, Battle Groun, Battle Ground, Battle Grounds, Battle Groung, Battleground, Battlle Ground, Bay Center, Beaton City, Beaver, Belfair, Belfare, Belfiar, Bell, Bellavue, Belleevue, Belleuve, Belleview, Bellevue, Belligham, Belliingham, Belling Ham, Bellingham, Bellinghan, Bellinhgam, Belllingham, Bellngham, Bellveiw, Bellvue, Benge, Benton, Benton City, Benver, Bermerton, Bethell, Beverly, Bickelton, Bickleton, Bingen, Birch Bay, Birmerton, Bla, Black Diamond, Blackdiamond, Blain, Blaine, Blains, Blakely Island, Blk Dia, Bonney Lake, Bonney Make, Bonneylake, Bonnie Lake, Bothel, Bothell, Bottell, Bow, Brementon, Bremerton, Brewster, Bridgeport, Bridgport, Brier, Brinnon, Brownstown, Bruien, Brush Praire, Brush Prairie, Brushprairie, Buckley, Buckleyn, Bucoda, Buena, Burbank, Burien, Burien Wa 98146, Burlen, Burley, Burlington, C0upeville, Caldwell, Callam Bay, Camano Is, Camano Isl, Camano Island, Camano Way, Camanos Island, Camas, Camino Island, Canano Is, Carbonado, Carlsborg, Carlton, Carnation, Carson, Cashmere, Castle, Castle Rock, Castlerock, Cathlamer, Cathlamet, Ceatac, Centeralia, Centerville, Centraila, Centrailia, Centralia, Chahalis, Chasmere, Chattaroy, Chattary, Chatteroy, Chattoroy, Chehais, Chehalis, Chehals, Chehelis, Chelan, Chelan Falls, Cheney, Chenlan, Chevelah, Chewela, Chewelah, Chimacum, Chimmacum, Chinook, Cinebar, Clallam, Clallam Bay, Clarkson, Clarkston, Clarskton, Clayton, Cle E Lum, Cle Elum, Cle Elvin, Cle Flum, Cle-elum, Clear Lake, Clearlake, Cleelum, Clinton, Clinton 98236, Clyde Hill, Colbert, Coleville, Colfax, Colivile, Colivlle, College Place, Collegeplace, Colton, Colville, Comano Island, Conconully, Concret, Concrete, Conell, Connel, Connell, Contralia , Convington, Conway, Cook, Copalis, Copalis Beach, Copalis Crossing, Copalis Xing, Copalisbeach, Corington, Cosmopolis, Cougar, Coulec City, Coulee City, Coulee Dam, Coupeville, Covert, Covington, Covington Kent, Covinton, Cowiche, Creston, Crystal Mountain, Curlew, Curtis, Cusick, Custer, Dallesport, Danville, Darington, Darrington, Davenport, Dayton, De Moines, Deer Park, Deer Harbor, Deer Meadows, Deer Pard, Deer Park, Deerp Park, Deerpark, Deming, Dennison, Des Moiines, Des Moines, Des Moines Wa, Des Monies, Desert Aire, Desmoines, Desmoins, Diamond, Dixie, Doty, Dryden, Du Pont, Dup Cn 318890, Dupont, Dusty, Duvall, Dyaton, E Wenatchee, E Wenatchee, E Wanatchee, E Wen, E Wenatchee, E Wentchee, E. Wenatchee, Eaatonville, Easr Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, East Edgewoord, East Sound, East Sumner, East Tonasket, East Wenaqtchee, East Wenatche, East Wenatchee, East Wenatechee, East Wenathcee, East Wentchee, Easton, Eastonville, Eastsound, Eastwenatchee, Eatonville, Eattle, Ecerett, Ederal Way, Edgewood, Edgwood, Edmond, Edmonds, Edwall, Egewood, Ein, El Topia, Elbe, Electric City, Elk, Ellenburg, Ellensberg, Ellensburg, Ellinsburg, Elma, Elmer City, Eltopia, Endicoh, Endicott, Entiat, Enumclaw, Enunclaw, Ephatra, Ephrata, Ertumclaw, Espanola, Ethel, Etopia, Evams, Evans, Everertt, Everett, Everette, Everettt, Everret, Everson, Everton, Evertte, Fairfiel, Fairfield, Fal City, Falcity, Fall City, Far, Farmington, Fatonville, Fed Way, Fede4ral Way, Federal Waly, Federal Way, Federal-way, Federalsway, Federalway, Federwal Way, Fedral Way, Ferandale, Ferdale, Ferdeal Way, Ferderal Way, Ferendale, Ferndale, Ferndale Wa, Fife, Finley, Fircrest, Fite, Foks, Ford, Fork, Forks, Forky, Fort Lewis, Four Lakes, Fox Island, Franite Falls, Freeland, Frendale, Friday Harbor, Fruitland, Ft Lewis, Ft. Lewis, Garfield, George, Gifford, Gig Harbor, Gig Harbon, Gig Harbor, Gig Harbour, Gig Harger, Gigharbor, Glacier, Glenoma, Glenwood, Gold Bar, Goldbar, Golden Dale, Goldenale, Goldendale, Graham, Grand Coalee, Grand Coulee, Grand Mound, Grand View, Grandiew, Grandview, Granger, Granit Falls, Granite Falls, Granitefalls, Grantie Falls, Grapeview, Grayland, Grays River, Green Acres, Greenacers, Greenacres, Greenacres St, Greenbank, Greenbank Wa, Greenbark, Grig Harbor, Grotto, Hadlock, Hamilton, Hansville, Harrach, Harrah, Harrington, Hartline, Hay, Hazel Dell, Hemlock, Hobart, Home, Hoodsport, Hooper, Hoquain, Hoquiam, Humptulips, Hunters, Husum, Iederal Way, Ilwaco, Ilwaro, Inchelium, Index, Indianola, Ione, Irby, Issaqoah, Issaquah, Issquah, Joint Base Lewis Mcchord, Kahlotus, Kalama, Keller, Kelsa, Kelso, Kenaewick, Kenewick, Kenmore, Kenmorre, Kennewic, Kennewich, Kennewick, Kennewick S, Kennewik, Kenniwick, Kennnewick, Kent, Kent Wa, Ket, Kettle Falls, Kettlefalls, Keyport, Kgnt, King, Kingston, Kinnewick, Kirkland, Kirland, Kittitas, Kittitas Ellensburg, Klickitat, Kolso, Krikland, La Center, La Conner, La Crosse, La Push, Lacenter, Lacey, Laconner, Lacrosse, Lake Bay, Lake Forest Park, Lake Forest Parke, Lake Moses, Lake Steven, Lake Stevens , Lake Tapps, Lake Taps, Lake Wood, Lakebay, Lakeforestpark, Lakestevens, Lakewood, Lakwood, Lamona, Lamont, Langely, Langley, Latah, Laurier, Leaven Worth, Leavenworh, Leavenworth, Lebam, Lewis Mcchord, Liberty, Liberty Lake, Liberty Lk, Lilliwaap, Lilliwaup, Lincoln, Lind, Linden, Linwood, Lk Forest Pk, Lk Stevens, Lnrenton, Long Beach, Long Branch, Longbranch, Longiew, Longvew, Longview, Lonview, Loomis, Loon Lake, Loon Lakes, Loonlake, Lopez, Lopez I Island, Lopez Isalnd, Lopez Island, Lowden, Lummi Island, Lyle, Lyman, Lynden, Lyndon, Lynnnwood, Lynnwod, Lynnwood, Lynnwoos, Lynwood, Lynwwood, M, Mabton, Malaga, Malage, Malago, Malden, Mallot, Malo, Malone, Malott, Manchester, Mansfield, Mansfield Wa, Manson, Manson Wa, Maple Falls, Maple Valley, Marblemount, Marcu, Marcus, Marlin, Marrysville, Marshall, Marysville, Matlock, Mattawa, Maysville, Mc Cleary, Mcchord Afb, Mccleary, Mckenna, Mcleary, Mead, Medcal Lake, Medcial Lake, Medical Lake, Medina, Menlo, Mercer Island, Mercer Islaqnd, Mesa, Metaline, Metaline Falls, Methow, Mica, Mikilteo, Mill Creek, Mill Creel, Mill Crek, Millwood, Milton, Mineral, Mission Rd, Mnt Lake Terrace, Moclips, Mohler, Monitor, Monore, Monroe, Monroe Wa, Montesano, Moount Vernon, Morton, Mose Lake, Moses, Moses Lake, Moseslake, Mosses Lake, Mossy Rock, Mossyrock, Mosyrock, Mount Lake Terrace, Mount Lake Trrace, Mount Vernon, Mount Veron, Mounte Leake Terrace, Mountlake, Mountlake Terrace, Mountlake Ter, Mountlake Terr, Mountlake Terrace, Mountlaketerrace, Mountvernon, Moxee, Moxee City, Mpl Valley, Mt Vernon, Mt Lake Terrace, Mt Vermon, Mt Vernon, Mt. Vernon, Mtvernon, Mukilteo, Mukiltoe, Mulkiteo, My Vernon, N Bonneville, N Bend, N Bonneville, Na, Naches, Nahcotta, Naheatta, Napavine, Naselle, Ne Arlington, Ne Tacoma, Neah Bay, Neilton, Nespelem, Nespelm, New Castle, Newcastle, Newman Lake, Newman Lk, Newmanlake, Newport, Niine Mile Falls, Nine Mile Falls, Nine Mile Fls, Nine Miles Falls, Ninemile Falls, Non-corporate, Nooksack, Nordland, Normandie Park, Normandy Park, North Bend, North Bend, North Bonneville, Northbend, Northport, Oak Harbor, Oak Harbor, Oakesdale, Oaksdale, Oakville, Oamk, Ocean City, Ocean Park, Ocean Shores, Odesa, Odessa, Okanagan, Okanogan, Olalla, Olga, Olimpia, Oly, Olyimpia, Olympi, Olympia, Olympia Wa, Olympiaa, Omack, Omak, Omau, Onalaksa, Onalasak, Onalask, Onalaska, Onalsaka, Opportunity, Orcas, Orchards, Orient, Oroivlle, Orondo, Orovill, Oroville, Orovillew, Ortig, Orting, Orting Washington, Othello, Otis Orchard, Otis Orchards, Ottis Orchards, Outing, Outlook, Oysterville, P, Pa, Pacific, Pacific Beach, Packwood, Paco, Palisades, Palmer, Palonse, Palouse, Parker, Parkland, Pasco, Pasco Wa, Pataha, Pateros, Paterson, Payallup, Pazco, Pe Ell, Peell, Peshastic, Peshastin, Peterson, Plymoth, Plymouth, Po Box 446, Point Roberts, Pomeroy, Pont Angeles, Poort Orchard, Pork Orchard, Port Orchard, Port Angeles, Port Angels, Port Angles, Port Archard, Port Gamble, Port Hadlock, Port Ludlow, Port Orchard, Port Orchard 0, Port Roberts, Port Townsend, Port Townsned, Port Towsend, Porter, Portorchard, Portownsend, Posser, Poulbso, Poulksbo, Poulsbo, Pouslbo, Poyailup, Prescott, Presott, Preston, Prosser, Prreston, Psco, Pt Angeles, Pt Hadlock, Pt Orchard, Pt Roberts, Pt Townsend, Puallup, Pugallup, Puker Huddle, Pulallup, Pullayup, Pullman, Pulman, Putallup, Puyallu, Puyallup, Puyalup, Quil Ceda Vlg, Quilcene, Quincey, Quincy, Rainer, Rainier, Randle, Ranier, Ravensdale, Raymond, Rearan Road N, Reardan, Rearden, Redmond, Remond, Renton, Renton Wa, Republic, Retnon, Rice, Richfield, Richlan, Richland, Ridge Field, Ridgefield, Ridgfield, Ritzville, Riverside, Roche Harbor, Rochestar, Rochester, Rock Island, Rockford, Rockport, Rodchester, Rollingbay, Ronald, Roosevelt, Rosalia, Rosburg, Rosevelt, Roslyn, Roy, Royal, Royal City, Ruston, Ryderwood, S Bend, S Cle Elum, S10415 Rosewood, Saint John, Saintjohn, Salkum, Salkun, Sammamish, Samsh Island, San Juan Island, Satsop, Sea, Sea Tac, Sea-tac, Seabeck, Seahurst, Seallte, Seatac, Seatc, Seatec, Seatle, Seatlle, Seatne, Seatte, Seattel, Seattl, Seattle, Seattle Wa, Seatttle, Seaview, Sedor Woolley, Sedr Woolley, Sedro - Woolley, Sedro Wolley, Sedro Wooley, Sedro Woolley, Sedro-woodley, Sedro-wooley, Sedro-woolley, Sedrowoolley, Sekin, Sekiu, Selah, Selahwa, Sequim, Sequin, Settle, Seven Bays, Shaw Island, Shelton, Shohomish, Shoreliine, Shoreline, Silvana, Silver Creek, Silver Lake, Silvercreek, Silverdale, Silverlake, Skamakawa, Skamania, Skamokawa, Skok, Skok Nation, Skokomish Nation, Skykomish, Snogualmie, Snohmish, Snohmoish, Snohoimish, Snohomiah, Snohomihs, Snohomish, Snohomishs, Snohomoish, Snoqualmie, Snoqualmie Pass, Snottomish, Soap Lake, Soap Lake City, Soaplake, Sokane, Sonomish, Sopkne, South Bend, South Cle Elum, South Hill, South Prairie, South Seattle, Spanaway, Spanaway Wa, Spangle, Spoane, Spok Valley, Spokae, Spokan Vally, Spokana, Spokane, Spokane Valeey, Spokane Valle, Spokane Valley, Spokane Valleyw, Spokane Vally, Spokane Vly, Spokane-valley, Spokanevalley, Spokanevly, Spokone Valley, Sponkane, Sports, Sprague, Spraque, Springdale, Springdale 99173, St John, St Bremerton, St John, Stanwood, Starbuck, Startup, Stehekin, Steilacoom, Steptoe, Stevenson, Stjohn, Stratford, Sulan, Sultan, Sumas, Summer, Sumner, Sunnydale, Sunnyside, Sunnyvale, Suquamish, Sw Mattawa, Tacin, Tacoma, Tacoma Wa 98422, Tacome, Taholah, Tahuya, Tamwater, Tanasket, Teka, Tekoa, Tenino, Thornton, Thorp, Thorton, Tietion, Tieton, Tigard, Tikwila, Tocoma, Tokeland, Toledo, Tonasket, Toppenish, Touchet, Tounsket, Toutle, Tracyton, Trentwood, Tri-cities, Trout Lake, Troutlake, Tukwiia, Tukwila, Tukwilla, Tulaip, Tulalip, Tum Tum, Tumtum, Tumwater, Twisp, Twist, Underwood, Unincorporated, Union, Union Gap, Union Jap, Uniontown, University Pl, University Place, University Place Wa, Univesity Place, Usk, Vacouver, Vader, Valley, Valley Ford, Valleyford, Vallyford, Van, Van Couver , Vancauver, Vancoiver, Vancoover, Vancouer , Vancouveer, Vancouver, Vancover, Vancovuer, Vancuver, Vancvouer, Vanouver, Vashon, Vashon Is, Vashon Island, Vashonwa, Vaughn, Vencouver, Veradald, Veradale, Verdale, Verndale, Vnacouver, W Richland, Wa, Wahkiacus, Waitsburg, Walla, Walla Walla, Walla Wallla, Wallawalla, Wallula, Wanatchee, Wancouver, Wancover, Wapato, Warden, Wash, Washington, Washougal, Washtucna, Waterville, Wauconda, Waverly, Weatchee, Wellpinit, Wellpint, Wen, Wenatchee, Wenatchhee, Wenateher, Wenathcee, Wenetchee, Wentachee, West Richland, Westport, Whatcom, White Pass, White Salmon, White Swan, Wilbur, Wilbur Wa, Wilkeson, Willard, Wilson Creek, Winlock, Winthrop, Wishram, Wodinville, Woodenville, Woodinville, Woodinville Wa, Woodinville Way, Woodinvlle, Woodland, Woodway, Yacolp, Yacolt, Yakim, Yakima, Yakimah, Yalcolt, Yelm, Yum, Zilah, Zillah, Zillah Wa, Zilloh,

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